Application Process

Trustees meet twice each year, when the administration of the Fund is reviewed and grants decided upon. Applications for grants should be made at least two weeks before Trustee meetings, although later applications may be considered.

Please note that the next meeting of the Trustees is on 25 April 2023. Applications for grants should be submitted by 11 April 2023.

Should an application be made between Trustee meetings which, in the opinion of the Secretary, deserves a more urgent consideration than awaiting the next Trustees' meeting, then it is put before the Chairman of Trustees who is mandated to make an exceptional grant, although this very rarely happens.

Applicants are advised to contact the Secretary, who will informally advise on the suitability of the application. The application form can be downloaded by clicking on the link above. Completed forms should be emailed to [email protected].

A fullset of completed application forms (and supporting documents)  is circulated to each Trustee about two weeks in advance of the meetings. The Trustees consider all applications in depth, and decide the suitability of the application, and if a grant is appropriate, its value. The Trustees may require additional information or impose certain revisions of the proposed project before a decision can be made. The Trustees decision is final.

At each annual conference of LMCs, a Trustees report is delivered outlining the fund's activities for the last year together with a summary of the finances.

How Awards Are Distributed

An applicant will be notified of an award after a meeting of the Trustees and sent 50% of the award. A further 25% will be sent on receipt of a progress report.

The final 25% is sent when the final report of the completed work is received.

Here are some examples of recent final reports:

Report on experience in Kisiizi Hospital, 2015 - Dr Emily Clark