How The Fund Is Managed

The Claire Wand Fund follows the ethical policy that governs the BMA's own investments, namely that it does not invest in tobacco, armaments nor politically sensitive equities. The Fund’s investments are managed by Charles Stanley, on the basis that the Fund's disbursement potential should not be diminished by erosion of capital. In round figures the amount currently considered available for annual disbursement is £22,000.

The fund is audited annually by Wagstaffs Chartered Accountants of Stevenage and it has its own separate account with the National Westminster Bank. The Fund is not a BMA fund and is independent of the BMA.

The Fund is governed by trustees. The Trust Deed designated Dr Solomon Wand and Dr Derek Stevenson as 'permanent' trustees, and as such each would continue to be a trustee for the rest of his life, unless either chose to resign and, in addition, each would have the right to nominate his successor who would have similar rights.

The Trust Deed was updated in 2000, with minor changes to the requirements for the Trustees.

Trustees comprise:

  • Two permanent Trustees
  • Two or Three are elected by the Conference of LMC's
  • Three are ex-officio:
    • Chairman of the General Practitioners Committee 
    • Secretary of the General Practitioners Committee
    • Chairman of the Conference of LMC's.

In addition the Trustees co-opt as they see fit and for such duration as they consider appropriate.

There is no remuneration for Trustees other than reimbursement of travel expenses for meeting attendance.

Trustees Of The Claire Wand Fund

The Trustees holding office from June 2021 are:

Permanent Trustees
Dr David Silver
Dr Jane Wand

Elected by the Annual Conference of Local Medical Committees
Dr Samira Anane - elected June 2021
Dr Michael Ingram- elected June 2021
Dr Oluwadamilola Adedayo - re-elected June 2021

Ex-officio Trustees
Dr Richard Vautrey (Chair of General Practitioners Committee)

Co-Opted Trustees
Dr Nicholas Silver
Dr Russell Walshaw